Professional Services

General Contracting

CCS is a trusted general contractor, with many years of experience in the construction industry. We thrive on building lasting relationships with our clients. We have well-established competent teams to complete high quality construction projects throughout our neighbors and communities. We adjust to changes within the construction sector to keep a high level of functionality on each project. Our contracting teams take delight in their connections with subcontractors as well as other project partners and work really hard to build cooperation and common respect on our project sites. By leveraging our partner connections and measuring project situation through detailed plans, methodical safety strategies and effective cost reporting, our general contractors can closely monitor and immediately identify issues that can impact the project and budget timeline.

CCS has completed many projects and in the process we have developed a line of tools and methodologies to best apply our expert services. We understand that different projects have different requirements and we pride ourselves on finding the perfect solution to the problem. We believe effective construction needs coordination and collaboration among the whole project team. This collaborative method ensures customers and their representatives; engineers and architects are part of the approach. Our methods and means are shown to reduce risk and bring guarantee to your project. We will work to resolve problems that may not have been discovered during the design stage.

Our team strategy, quality assurance, extreme customer service and commitment to stand behind our work places us apart from other general contractors. It is a total willingness to excellence and it involves honest, open conversation and dedicated cost and timeline management. When our work is turned over to the customer we are always assured that our client will be completely satisfied. We value our long lasting relationships, and our clients are the very best testimonial of our willingness to excellent value and our dedication to providing the best quality services. Any time general Contracting is your project method of choice, trust the firm that puts your interests first. That firm is CCS.

Commercial and Residential

CCS is a creative and active company providing expert services within the residential, commercial, improvement and retail regions. We know that our new and open method will give a complete product that will satisfy your needs on time. We provide top end finished jobs across the retail, and residential regions through regular attention, strong program availability, safety and comprehending the client impact. We are capable of providing successful and multi-disciplined work. Whether you are constructing a new house or designing a retail space, our aim is to offer our clients with an excellent product of professional quality that is built to be highly efficient and designed to today’s highest specifications.

We know the personal connection that a customer feels towards building their own personal house and we take the time to comprehend our client’s ideas. We are committed to ensure that the journey is a great one for all involved and will tactically complement each client to the manager we believe is able to form a strong working partnership with that client.

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling your old home, renovating or repairing your old family house or fixing up a retail space, start with CCS today. Let us take your vision, draft your plans and construct the building project of your dreams. We provide both residential and commercial services, and no project is large or too small. No matter the size of your project, you possibly can expect no less than great support from CCS.


There is a reason that almost every architect, designer and contractor calls for and recommends Stucco as an exterior application on their projects. Stucco has color in it, and you can chose the color you want from our charts.  There is no need to paint again when you have new stucco, and painting stucco is not a good idea due to the fact that paint holds moister in your walls, and this can cause damage. Your new stucco is meant to “breath”.  New Stucco is a time proven process that dates back to 500 B.C. It will give you protection from the elements, as it gets stronger with age.

It provides insulation and a fire deterrent and at the same time beautifies your home with over 30 colors to choose from.

Longer lasting beauty and protection at a lower cost!

Fire, Water, and Mold Remediation
In the event of a fire in your store or neighboring location, CCS can help you balance the load and quickly restore and repair your location.

Our quick response teams launch into action as soon as it’s feasible, and perform a complete revitalization to ensure all fire-damaged materials are removed, and smoke-damaged materials are properly cleaned.

CCS provides a full range of structural cleaning including soot removal from your floors, and ceilings as well as smoke-odor neutralizing with thermal fogging capabilities.

Our restoration professionals can carefully restore your salvageable merchandise through the use of ozone treatment technology and provide pack-out services for non-salvageable materials.

Our reconstruction team will get your store rebuilt and back in business quickly by replacing damaged drywall, ceiling tiles, carpet, etc.

Working with CCS, you can count on a proven team to handle your emergencies from disaster to a quick store or office re-opening.

Fire and water damage restoration should always be done by the professionals as it affects the safety of the building and its occupants. There is always some amount of damage to building structure and indoor air quality too has been compromised. A professional restoration service reduces the risk of future structural issues as well as smoke and mold-related health problems.

Being insurance approved helps our clients speed up approvals and claims. It also acts as a seal of approval of our work quality. We have worked with virtually every insurance provider so we know the process well. Direct billing to the insurance company means our clients don’t have to worry about paying us.

The advantages of hiring our fire and water damage restoration company:Professional Water Damage Repair for Florida Homes and Businesses

We have experienced professionals who are committed to quality work.

We used the latest equipment to detect areas of damage and to cleanup and restore the place.

We can help with every aspect of your repair and restoration process.

Experience in dealing with insurance companies enables us to help expedite your claims.